Going to restaurants for a good meal is nothing special for most; as long as they get fed and treated well, there’s nothing eyebrow-raising about the process. That’s going to be true for even the most esoteric eateries — no matter how many of them are added to the list. Now that list includes a restaurant that takes recycling to a whole new level.

Two Liverpool women, Gabby Holmes and Natalie Crean, took note of the sheer amount of food wasted across the board and decided to take action. Dubbed “The Real Junk Food Project” and open every weekend, the core gimmick is that everything that comes out of the kitchen started off as discarded supplies — donations from stores, supermarkets, and the like. The day’s bounty determines the day’s specials, in essence. In turn, customers are allowed to pay whatever amount they want — and can even make donations besides mere money.

Holmes and Crean are doing their part to relieve hunger, as well as put food that would have seen the garbage can to good use. Between the noble cause and the chance for a good meal, it’s hard to ask for much else.