Since Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow was killed off at the end of the last season of Game of Thrones, there have been a number of people who believed that he was going to make a comeback in some form or another. Normally a show that’s as dark and depressing as Game of Thrones keeps people who have died, stay dead. On the other hand, people coming back from the dead, either through magic or as White Walkers, have been shown at one time or another. This has been the reason people believe that Snow is falling on the show again.

Now, however, there appears to be concrete proof that Harrington is indeed still a part of the show. The website says that fans of the show got a look at the filming of a particular battle scene and the filming of the scene had quite the spoiler. Sources report that today Game of Thrones is filming portions of a massive battle in Saintfield, Northern Ireland, that will likely be a part of episode nine. Preparations and the beginning of filming were seen in that area recently, but it was difficult to glean many details. We’ve learned that the battle will involve many northern armies fighting including the Umbers, the Boltons, wildlings and more! Kit Harington a.k.a Jon Snow was also seen at the location, participating in shooting this week.”

GOT lovers can officially get excited now.