John Stamos Announces Return Of Full House

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Whenever any piece of film or television is deemed a success, it runs the risk of being attached to shoddy prequels, sequels and spinoffs. Fans of the hit 80’s comedy series ‘Full House’, will, however, be pleased to hear that one of the leading characters from the show, John Stamos, officially announced the show’s return on Netflix. Stamos also revealed that the spinoff has been handled with a lot of care in order to maintain the legacy of the show and will include a majority of the original cast looking to reprise their roles.

The major announcement was made on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with Stamos also revealing a hint of the possible direction the series could be heading in. The Tanner residence could possibly see a third generation of Tanners, with Candace Cameron and Jodie Sweetin now raising kids of their own. This development is exciting news for fans of the series and makes for a tantalizing prospect to see the entire cast back on the small screen again.

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