Jimmy Kimmel Proves Kids Say The Darndest Things About Gay Marriage

source: youtube

With the recent Supreme Court ruling, which allows same-sex Marriage in the United States, Jimmy Kimmel decided it was time to go out on the streets and find out just how much of a grasp your average kid has on the situation. Not surprisingly, the television talk show host found the grasp was rather tenuous at best.

Of course, there were also some kids who wanted to make sure they had a very good understanding, like the little girl who seemed exasperated to be asked. She replied that “it’s when two men and two women get married.” The man behind the camera then asked if that meant that it’s when “four people get married?” The girl responded “no” with a nervous giggle.

Another child was asked “when should two people get married?” He replied back very seriously “in the afternoon.” Check out the video for more hilarity.

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