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Jimmy Kimmel owns Gawker

source: youtube

  • Former co-editor of Gawker advocates the very thing Violentacrez was outed for. "[T]here's a shifting definition of what is public and what is private space... No-one has the reasonable expectation of being able to walk down the street and not have wh...
  • The editor of gawker on privacy in public places... In the light of the Violentacrez scandal the hypocrisy practically hurts. Their standards of "journalism" don't seem far above /r/creepshots
  • Gawker editor tries to defend "Gawker Stalker": a map that tracks where celebs are sighted in real-time. Hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and contradictions abound
  • X post from r-videos/After this interview, the editor of Gawker.com (Emily Gould) claimed to suffer from panic attacks and had to see a therapist
  • Gawker editor hides behind journalism to defend a "celebrity stalker" feature of their website. Jimmy Kimmel takes her to task
  • Jimmy Kimmel interviews Emily Gould, a barely coherent skank from gawker whore network. Fuck gawker and fuck gizmodo
  • This is the type of sociopath's that the 6 major media corporations like to hire to feed us information
  • A repost that is much more relevant now: Kimmel and an editor from Gawker on "Gawker Stalker"
  • 9 years ago a lawyer predicted the fall of Gawker and their editor arrogantly brushed it off
  • Kimmel interviews the Editor of a paparazzi website with a, no joke, "Stalker Map"
  • Jimmy Kimmel shats all over Gawker representative while filling in for Larry King
  • Gawker Media ending operations. Let's never forget one of the many reasons why
  • Emily Gould gets ripped by Jimmy Kimmel. How is Gawker still online? [vid]
  • Emily Gould of Gawker (You have to see it in motion to truly understand)
  • "Kimmel Takes on Gawker Stalker" (Gawker enables stalkers circa 2007)
  • Kimmel Owns Editor of Gawker Stalker (Celeb "stalking" site) watch!
  • The interview Sorkin based Sloan's bit on in this weeks episode
  • Mark geragos predicts the downfall of gawker ages ago
  • [S3E05] The inspiration for the interview
  • Gawker being sued prediction in 2007!
  • Kimmel Takes On Gawker Stalker (2007)
  • Jinney kimmel owns editor from gawker
  • Jimmy Kimmel Rips Gawker to Shreds
  • Jimmy Kimmel OWNS gawker editor
  • Geragos warns Gawker in 2008
  • Jimmy Kimmel VS Gawker
  • The girl in red