The Orbi Yokohama nature museum in Japan is offering deep fried frog burgers to promote the opening of the Deadly Poison Exhibition, BuzzFeed reported. The exhibition will display 25 various live poisonous animals from around the world. The frog burger is priced at 1000 Japanese yen (around $8). Sega and the Sunshine Aquarium have joined hands to bring the Deadly Poison Exhibition to the Orbi Yokohama museum from March 21st to May 17th.

The deep fried amphibian is sandwiched between a black bun burger. The bun is colored black with bamboo charcoal. In addition, the meal comes with a drink. However, unlike the exhibition’s displays, the frog is non toxic. The museum’s cafe also offers Frog Egg Sweet for 580 yen (around $4.8). The dish features almond tofu and a mini jelly frog.

The Orbi Yokohama museum is not the only one to use the dark bun. Burger King, a fast food hamburger chain in Japan, has also been experimenting with black buns.

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