Japanese High School Girls... wait for it

source: youtube

  • The song starts at the :09 mark, it sounds like jpop, I head the song in this commercial
  • What is this song? It was posted a year ago by someone else but I still want to know it!
  • Need to know the name of this song, and if anyone knows any others that are similar?
  • The power of makeup transforms these guys into unbelievably gorgeous girls
  • Trying to identify the song/music artist from this Japanese video
  • Ignore the video. Shazam can't identify this awesome song. HALP!
  • This is really nicely done. Weird, but well executed
  • Secrets of Japanese High School Girls' Makeup
  • メーク女子高生のヒミツ (The Secret of High School Girls)
  • Japanese High School Girls... wait for it
  • Wondering what song this is in the video?
  • I'm so confused by this commercial
  • Not just another makeup commercial
  • Normal high school girls in Japan
  • This Japanese Shiseido commercial
  • A Class Full of Japanese 'Girls'
  • Cute Japanese High School Girls
  • High School Girl? By Shiseido
  • High School Girl? メーク女子高生のヒミツ
  • Into Japanise school grills?
  • You'll never be this kawaii
  • You fall in love, you lose
  • High school secrets
  • Japan and make up
  • Highschool Girl
  • どの女の子が好み?
  • じょしこーせー?
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    Cleo Gutkowski
    [Making of](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM_uPPvXUXs)