A repeat criminal with 189 convictions over the years is going to appear on the Irish game show “Winning Streak” this weekend. Edward Hutch has a long string of crimes behind him, including driving offenses and theft. He has the potential to pocket up to 500,000 Euros if he wins.

Crime victims and other members of the public are outraged, but no legal reason can be found to bar him from participating. Some of the prizes include vacations and new cars, but Hutch’s sentences have banned him for driving for a few more years. A leading victim support charity, Support After Crime, has urged Hutch to consider donating at least part of any money that he wins to help people who were harmed by his criminal actions.

In Hutch’s latest court appearance, he was acquitted on the charge of assaulting a prison officer in 2012. His insanity defense was successful. A psychiatrist said that Hutch believed his father and his uncle were trying to turn him into a woman by sneaking something into his methadone.