Instrument that produces sound for horror movies

source: youtube

  • This instrument is called the waterphone and produces the many of the sounds heard in horror movies
  • [Trigger Warning: Spooky Noises] Waterphone, the instrument used to make horror movie noises
  • The instrument used to produce eerie sounds like those heard in horror/suspense movies
  • Meet the waterphone, the instrument that makes the iconic horror movie sounds
  • Hear an eerie noise on a horror soundtrack? It's probably a waterphone
  • Waterphone: it's an instrument that produces sound for horror movies!
  • Instrument used to produce the sounds on horror films
  • The instrument that produces sounds in horror movies
  • The instrument that produces sound in horror movies
  • Found the main instrument used in the soundtrack
  • How scary noises are made in every movies
  • Horror movie sound effect device
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