A student in the city of Mumbai, India, beat up a man who harassed her and dragged him to the police station. Pradnya Mandhare, 20, was on her way home from campus when she was attacked by a drunken man on the platform of Kandivali railway station, around 2:30 p.m. local time. Mandhare was very shocked when he showed up and immediately fumbled her body.

The girl was also shocked because there were 50 people on the platform waiting for the train, but nobody did anything to help. Because no one wanted to help, Mandhare hit him with her bag. Chavan Chowdee, 25, the drunk attacker, tried to hit her back, but because he was so drunk, Chowdee missed. After hitting him, Mandhare grabbed his hair and dragged him to the nearest police station.

The drunken guy kept yelling, asking her to let him go and promised to follow her to the police station. However, Mandhare did not believe him and continued dragging him. Finally, Mandhare managed to turn him over to the police without the help of anyone. The police later arrested him and Chowdee is awaiting arraignment.

Mandhare’s actions instantly became an example for other women to defend themselves and not to let anybody do such a thing. Mandhare does not see herself as a hero. However, Mandhare thinks the women must have the courage to stand up.