This is a superhero story that the world seems to have their eye on. Arat Hosseini is only two-years old, but this child hailing from Iran has become a social media sensation after videos of his superhuman strength went viral on the internet.

The videos showcase Arat performing a wide range of incredible feats that are unbelievable for a child who is still two months away from becoming two years old. This includes him performing backflips and other incredible stunts showcasing strength and flexibility. According to his parents, Mohamad and Fatemah who reside in the city of Babol in the Mazandaran Province, Arat was swinging from a trapeze by the age of nine months and does not undergo any professional training whatsoever. Apparently he simply practices for fifteen to twenty minutes a day and this allows his to take up even more challenging feats.

The beloved youngster already has 18,000 followers on Instagram which includes extremely amusing and bizarre pictures of Arat in various situations such as balancing on television sets and kitchen counters. The boy clearly has a very bright future ahead of him and the world seems to be waiting to see the full extent of his potential.