Impressive Swede Jumps Not One But Two Speeding Bikes

source: youtube

Most of us can’t fathom jumping out of bed in the morning with a spring in our step, but this man, Al The Jumper, managed to do the unthinkable. Al, who hails from the European country of Sweden, manages to lift himself off the ground in an impressive jump and leap over not one but two speeding motorcycles as they head towards him.

The two bikes line up one behind the other and then speed down the empty runway towards Al, who is waiting patiently at the line marked on the tarmac. With just a few seconds to spare, Al takes a couple steps forward and then leaps over the heads of both riders, lifting his legs up and over and landing perfectly on both feet on the opposite side.

It is unclear how fast the two motorcycles were moving when they made it to Al, but it was definitely faster than a human can run. This almost makes us want to check out what else Al can manage to leap over without any problems. Perhaps a large vehicle is next?

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