I'm going to teach this cyclist a lesson, WCGW?

source: youtube

  • Angry driving Brit can't keep his balance trying to kick a cyclist off his bike
  • Driver passes cyclist dangerously close. Argument ensues, driver flips out
  • Dickhead motorist gets instant karma after buzzing and attacking cyclist
  • Guy passes too closely to cyclist, goes crazy, falls over chasing him
  • [UK] Driver runs after cyclist and falls flat on face
  • I'm going to teach this cyclist a lesson, WCGW?
  • A clown takes a pratfall (Driver vs Cyclist)
  • This is comedy gold! Watch till the end! LOL
  • Funniest thing Ive seen in a long time!
  • Asshole driver gets what's coming
  • Man Falls After Chasing Cyclist
  • Meanwhile in/near London
  • Come on ya fackin cunt!
  • Road rage in Britain
  • Not the best ukemi
  • Jolly OLD England
  • How about this?
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