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  • This is not FF related, but it affects us all. The youtube channel "I Hate Everything" was taken down by youtube for spamming etc. It is utterly despicable. This could affect other channels such as FF, so please show your support by using #FREEIHE and...
  • Not jacksfilms related, but I Hate Everything's channel got deleted by YouTube for like no reason at all. It's extremely unfair and it's just more proof that the YouTube community guidelines and copyright system are deeply flawed
  • [Censorship] Youtube user 'I Hate Everything' has his channel taken down by YouTube for "violating community guidelines" even though the content does not breach copyright or spam policies
  • (Jon commented on the video so its relevant) IHE has been taken down. A video was falsely flagged and gave him his 3rd strike
  • Help youtuber I Hate Everything get his channel back from termination due to false copyright and community guideline strikes
  • Please help this awesome youtuber who unfairly got his account taken down!
  • IHE, a champion againist the Yellow Caner, needs our help!
  • YouTube channel I Hate Everything has been taken down
  • Youtube takes down the channel 'I Hate Everything"
  • Youtube strikes again. No one is safe anymore
  • Critic, reviewer IHE needs yourhelp! #FreeIHE
  • IHE has been taken down from Youtube
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