I think I just shat on my pants

source: youtube

  • Super sketchy climb of an old abandoned chimney in Romania (280m/920ft high), including using old wiring as rope
  • Nu știu daca e repost sau nu, dar uite un video cu un tip care urca pe un horn imens
  • Man Solo Climbs A Massive Chimney, The Second Largest Structure In Romania
  • Climbing the second highest structure in Romania. 280 meters
  • Climbing huge chimney in Pitesti (vertigo, anyone?)
  • So many nopes. Climbing a derelict factory chimney
  • This literally makes the palms of my hands sweat
  • Free-Climbing a 280m chimney in Pitesti, Romania
  • Guy climbing huge chimney in Pitesti, Romania
  • Climbing a 280 meter high chimney in Romania
  • Romanian Chimney + little regard for safety
  • This will literally make your palms sweat
  • Crazy guy climbing a huge chimney -
  • Guy climbing a chimney in Romania
  • Russians climbing a Huge Chimney!
  • I think I just shat on my pants
  • Afraid of heights? He isn't
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