A Chinese man from the city of Dezhou is on the run from police after he allegedly bit his estranged wife’s nose off and swallowed it in front of her while in a maddening rage. The man had become angry after the woman, identified as Ms. Yang, refused to take his calls and the next day he drove to her place of work to confront her.

Reports say that the husband then proceeded to attack Ms. Yang and bit most of her nose from her face before proceeding to eat it. Ms Yang described the attack to a local news agency, saying: “And the next thing I knew, he pushed my head towards the way and ate my nose in one go.” Doctors also explained how severe the injury was, estimating it would take up to three months to repair because of the extensive surgery she will require.

The couple had separated earlier in the year when the husband had wanted to sell the only child they had together so that Ms Yang would be able to look after his grandchildren. After she refused they split up, though she states that her husband continued to phone her and harass her.

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