As unfortunate as it may be, accidents can and do happen on the road. In the luckiest scenario, nothing comes from it besides a traffic jam and some lengthy delays. That’s inevitable whenever there’s trouble on the road, but the circumstances are what matter — and in one instance, those circumstances involved thousands upon thousands of bees.

The accident happened on the interstate highway in Garvin County, south of Oklahoma City. While en route to its destination, a truck with dozens of boxes — and the thousands of bees therein — suddenly overturned. The boxes ended up scattered across the exit ramp, while their passengers broke out and made their escape. Naturally, chaos ensued; at one point, the bees managed to swarm a deputy’s vehicle — though remarkably, the deputy within only suffered one sting. Others didn’t fare quite as well, and had to head to the hospital.

Beekeepers eventually made it onto the scene to try and catch the escapees, since the insects are an increasingly precious resource. When night fell, however, the boxes were burned to make sure no stragglers would come out and sting passersby. It’s not the most glamorous end to a traffic jam, but at least now drivers can pass through the county without fear of being stung.

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