The local Humane Society of Marion County, Daytona Beach, Florida, is currently in tears over the death of Rollin, a one-year-old mixed breed puppy that was left in a vehicle owned by the agency outside of a PetSmart earlier this week. The vehicle was sweltering by the time the individual came out of the pet store.

Human Society officials said this was all about miscommunication, and occurred when two of the dogs, Willow and Rollin, began barking at everyone and everything within the PetSmart. A local volunteer took the two dogs to a transport van, which was left running for the time being. Another volunteer was then called to pick up the dogs, but only saw Willow. He left Rollin inside the vehicle, which had then been shut off. Rollin was discovered two hours later, deceased.

Bruce Fishalow, Executive Director of the Humane Society, said: “As an organization that works so hard to preserve life, this is devastating to us.” Leaving a dog in a heated vehicle on a hot summer day is certainly a bad idea, as dogs can not handle such intense heat for extended periods of time.

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