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  • Casey Neistat Snowboarding behind a ridiculously large drone in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi and in levi
  • Casey Neistat makes drone strong enough to carry him up the slopes/lift him in air. Doesn't wear helmet
  • A "multicopter" capable of lifting a human being. (Casey Neistat's Christmas special)
  • Some guys built a drone that could lift and carry a person on a snowboard
  • Human Flying Drone - FAA are gonna flip when they see this!
  • Drone capable of achieving lift with a human hanging on
  • Snowboarder pulled/lifted by drone! HUMAN FLYING DRONE
  • Casey Neistat kuvasi uuden videonsa Levillä
  • We need this!!! Drones that can fly humans!
  • First Drone That Can Actually Carry People
  • There goes our monopoly on Class D work!
  • Casey Neistat is just pushing the limits
  • A Drone that can Carry a SnowBoarder
  • HUMAN FLYING DRONE by Casey Neistat
  • HUMAN FLYING DRONE [Casey Neistat]
  • Casey Neistats human flying drone
  • Human flying drone. Real beast
  • Casey Neistat's Samsung Drone
  • Droneboarding is a thing now
  • Drone Carrying Snowboarder
  • ドローン、人間をぶら下げて飛行することに成功
  • Merry Christmas!
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