How Women’s Fashion Changed Over 100 Years In 2 Minutes

source: youtube

Time lapse videos are always incredible to watch. It’s a perfect way to show how a building is constructed, or how an arena changes out its ice floor with a hardwood floor when switching sports. Glam takes the idea of a time lapse and turns it up a notch by going through 100 years of how women’s fashion has changed — all in a span of just two minutes!

This incredible video shows a model go through each decade from 1915 through 2015 and showcases what the popular style or trend was. What truly makes the video is everything else surrounding the model. The tone is set with the music that consistently changes throughout each decade, and the model is always given some sort of prop. For example, in 1915 she’s twirling an umbrella and wearing an oversized hat with a feather in it. Today, she’s wearing a leather jacket and taking a selfie with a smartphone. While we generally know how fashion has changed, it’s still amazing when you see the change in such a short amount of time.

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