How powerful flash floods are

source: youtube

  • Amazing Video: Flash Flooding in Toowoomba, Australia. Monday’s flash-flood waters take out an entire parking lot of parked cars!
  • Unbelievable footage of an entire parking lot being swept away by the flash floods in Toowoomba
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  • Repost - How powerful flash floods are At 1:58 that poor STI 😭
  • I always enjoy parking the car near the creek at work. .
  • Crazy: Cars Get Washed Away in Flash Flood In Australia
  • Sometimes, I like to sit and watch the cars float by?
  • Cars floating away in Queensland Australia Flood
  • If the spiders don't get you in Australia
  • Cars Washed Away in Australia
  • Toowoomba, Queensland Flood
  • Dude, wheres my car?
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