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HMB while I jump in the pool

source: imgur

  • AbSoLuTeLy InSaNe InDiScRiMiNaTe BoMbEr FuCkInG KiLlS iNnOcEnNt PoOlSiDe ReVeLlErS tO DEATH!!!!
  • HMF while I jump in the pool x-post from HMB but I thought it would be a better fit here
  • Report from FOX News: "Terrorist against Christians Bombs Neighborhood Pool"
  • Dambusters airdrop w/ 100% accuracy
  • Most powerful aoe water attack
  • HMB while I jump in the pool
  • Bombing the entire pool
  • he had to be that guy
  • Keep the flood coming
  • Hellooooooo ladies
  • When the B5 hits
  • me irl
  • Splash