Hilarious Video Proves That Texting Can Sometimes Cause Big Problems

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Texting has pretty much become a major and preferred means of communication. Most of us would rather send a quick message than have to deal with the long winded caller on the other end. However, communicating by text to a significant other or a friend can be very risky. This is due to the ease of which text messages can be misunderstood. Sometimes it is because of delays in responses to and times when receiving messages. But most certainly, one of the biggest reasons for misunderstanding text messages is due to a result of not being able to convey the person’s tone.

Comedians Keegan and Jordan recorded a hilarious skit that portrays this common dilemma. The pair misunderstands the tone of each other’s text messages while trying to make plans to go out. This ridiculously funny and realistic sketch was aired on Comedy Central’s show Key & Peele.

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