Hilarious Video Of Guys Attempting To Shave Their Girlfriend’s Legs

source: youtube

Lots of men shave every day to keep a nice, clean look on their face. That’s why two guys didn’t think it would be so bad when they accepted a challenge to shave their girlfriend’s legs, and they learned everything the hard way. In a video uploaded by BuzzFeed, check out the hilarity of the guys making the girls laugh and hurt throughout the process.

As expected, both guys were confident and the girls were scared of getting cut. When they start, a common theme between the two was not pushing down hard enough, with barely any hair coming off their legs. One guy was even shaving the leg just like how he shaves his face in the morning, and didn’t get very far. However, when the couples are done, the end result may actually surprise you. Check out the video below.

  • Matt in a new BuzzFeed video, shaving a leg
  • Lieberman shaves his girlfriend's legs
  • Matt's girlfriend is really pretty
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