hello darkness, my old friend

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  • This is kind of ridiculous, but this video helps calm my anxiety before going out. The video was made as a joke but it's literally the only thing that makes the stomach churning go away
  • I have been in bitcoin for a while now, this is how I feel about the price swings lately
  • 2meirl2meirl (When you don't care if you live or die cause you're already dead inside)
  • How I feel when my friends call me to yell about Bitcoins price spike
  • My reaction as a hodler over the past 24 hours
  • The Sound of Silence Untitled Project
  • The sound of the amusement park
  • This guy is having too much fun
  • hello darkness, my old friend
  • The REAL Bitcoin Veteran
  • Guy With Goth/Raver Hair
  • When I hit a solid [12]
  • This guy gets it
  • alpha as fuck
  • me_irl
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