Heidi Klum Plays ‘Box Of Lies’ With Jimmy Fallon

source: youtube

‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ just got renewed for a very long time and that is great news for fans of the show. Jimmy Fallon is one of the most charming and impressive talk show hosts in the entertainment industry today and he has created a bunch of interesting recurring games to play with various celebrities on his show. He recently invited supermodel Heidi Klum to play the popular game ‘Box of lies’ with him and it was quite hilarious.

The game revolves around the two players trying to deceive each other by opening one of many secret boxes in front of them and either lying about the contents of the box or truthfully telling them whats in there, trying to convince them that they’re actually lying. It is up to the other player to guess if the opponent is being honest or not about the contents of the box. Jimmy Fallon is clearly an expert at the game at this point but his beautiful guest did not fair as well as him. Watch Heidi Klum attempt to lie about some strange items in this hilarious segment.

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