Guy Tries To Prove Psychic Are Fake With A Hidden Cam, Ends Up Getting Caught

source: youtube

Have you ever wondered whether psychics have true powers or not? Living in this day and age, less and less people believe self-proclaimed mediums, especially once their deceptive cold reading techniques came to light and gained traction on the internet. However, there are still those who want to believe that there is something that we as humans are not capable of understanding. Furthermore, in hopes to know what their future holds, people are willing to spend fortunes on psychics and psychic readings.

In order to once and for all prove that all psychic are fake and disprove the existence of any truth in their readings, Tyler Fischer with the help of our friends at Elite Daily, decided to go through a couple of self-proclaimed mediums in the city of Manhattan and capture their readings with a hidden cam.

Although the video, shown below, seems rather normal and what you would expect with all the psychics saying different things about Tyler’s future, what’s truly shocking is the creepy ending, once he finally gets caught.

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