In Swansea, UK, Alan and Helen Knight were supposed to be caring for their neighbor Ivor Richards. Instead, the couple stole 40,000 British pounds from their elderly neighbor who had dementia; his total life savings. Alan Knight even went as far as claiming that he is a beneficiary in Richards’ will!

To avoid trial and prosecution, the conmen came up with a plan. Every time authorities came to their house, Knight pretended to be a paraplegic in a coma.

Police served warrants to bring him to court, but avoids standing trial every time by admitting himself to hospital with claims that his condition has worsened. He spent ten weeks in hospital but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He was sent home, but they continued seeing various doctors, claiming he was paraplegic and unable to communicate.

Alan Knight, a father of three, was caught on CCTV out on shopping trips to Tesco and malls. Photos of him with his wife in weddings and vacations were discovered on their family computer, in between dates where he claimed he was disabled. When he finally did appear to the Swansea court, he pretended to wear a neck brace and was wheeled in by his wife. He was found guilty and sentenced. The couple are heavily criticized for having cost the police force, court system and NHS thousands of pounds.

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