Guy Makes Incredible Trick Shots That Will Leave You Speechless

source: youtube

On May 4th, YouTuber and blogger HiJosh uploaded a video of himself making various trick shots. The video, filmed by himself on what appears to be a cell phone, garnered almost a million views within its first 24 hours online. HiJosh throws various items including a toothbrush into a cup, a carton into a fridge, a hotdog into a girl’s hand, and a plate into a dishwasher.

While there have been many people who have estimated that this compilation is a fake, it is extremely hard to make their claim. In one instance, HiJosh is standing in front of a window has he tosses bread into a toaster. There seems to be no strings or no other movements made by his body, most likely debunking myths.

While HiJosh has several videos on his channel, none of them have generated this much excitement. The second highest viewed video on his channel is a spoken word video entitle “Imagine” and only has 28,152 views.

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