Gunship — Tech Noir [Synthwave] (2015)

source: youtube

  • Cool Synthwave Music Video homage to the glorious VHS movies from the 80's where Jason Voorhees Kills Robocop in with cameos form Alien and Hellraiser (5min, Animation)
  • A Music Video by GUNSHIP featuring narration by John Carpenter and claymation versions of Robocop, A Xenomorph, A Carebear, Jason Voorhees and more
  • Just in case its never been posted here, Animator Lee Hardcastle goes full outrun for Gunship's "Tech Noir" Video
  • In case you missed it on the front page, here's a cool Synthwave song. Tech Noir by Gunship
  • A really cool music video in the vein of a John Carpenter 80s movie using claymation
  • Gunship - "Tech Noir" Inspired retro claymation, ft. John Carpenter, no less!
  • [JFS][VIDEO] GUNSHIP - Revel In Your Time [info in video description]
  • GUNSHIP - Tech Noir [Official Music Video by Lee Hardcastle!]
  • Gunship - Tech Noir [synthwave] [2015] Dir. Lee Hardcastle
  • GUNSHIP -- Tech Noir [Synthwave Electronic 80's] (2015)
  • Need some high tech jams for your low life? GUNSHIP
  • GUNSHIP ft. John Carpenter - Tech Noir [Synthwave]
  • GUNSHIP - Tech Noir Music Video by Lee Hardcastle
  • Gunship - Tech Noir ft. John Carpenter [Synthpop]
  • For people who like the music of Stranger Things
  • GUNSHIP -- Tech Noir[neo 80's/synth pop](2015)
  • GUNSHIP - Tech Noir (feat. John Carpenter)
  • GUNSHIP - Fly For Your Life [Synthwave]
  • GUNSHIP - Tech Noir [Retrowave] (2015)
  • GUNSHIP - Tech Noir [electronic]
  • Lee Hardcastle [Stop Motion]
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    Cathy Streich
    Revel in Your Time by Gunship is another of my favorites. Mostly because it's fun to sing in the shower... **edit: Listen to the fucking mood this part of their song "Shadow Fury" sets...incredible...**