Sometimes snacks come with free goodies, but what a grandma’s Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey granola bar has turned out to be a small bag of cocaine.

One morning my husband and I were opening our granola bars and I like it to the very end. I was shaking the little bag out to get the crumbs when all of the sudden this little baggie popped out,” narrated Cynthia Rodriguez in an interview with KSAT-TV. Thinking it may be part of a promotion, Rodriguez said she called the company but was advised to call police instead after being informed that Nature Valley bar, is not running any promotion.

She did call the police and soon San Antonio police officers are at her house to test the content of the baggie, which turned out to be high-quality cocaine. SAPD has been investigating the case since March to figure out how the cocaine got inside the granola wrapper. “We’re not sure if this was something added on purpose or if it was something that may have fallen out of someone’s pocket on the assembly line,” said Sgt. Javier Salazar.

Both Rodriguez and Salazar expressed concerns over what might have happened had it been a child who found the stash. “The frightening aspect of it is anybody could have come in contact with this,” Salazar said. “It could have just as easily been a child opening up this snack and finding this dangerous narcotic inside of it.” Rodriguez was thankful that none of her grandchildren, some of them live with her, found the bar. She, however, felt a recall should have been made. “There might be others and I do not want that it get in the hands of a child,” Rodriguez said.

General Mills, the maker of Nature Valley Granola Bar, through its spokesman Mike Siemienas stated that they have referred the case to the police and are confident the product was not tampered while in their facility. “Inside the production facility the product moves very fast and it would be extremely difficult to get something in there,” said Simienas.

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