Grand Theft Auto 5 And Fresh Prince of Bel Air Mashup is Epic

source: youtube

What’s better than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? How about Grand Theft Auto 5? Now put the two things together! One enterprising YouTuber has done just that with a mashup, shot for shot video that features the opening credits to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on one side and graphics of GTA 5 starring Franklin doing everything Will Smith is doing during those credits. The YouTuber has even managed to put Franklin in an outfit that looks an awful lot like the outfit Smith is wearing in the show.

Of course because this is Grand Theft Auto 5, there are a couple of tweaks to the video on that side, including throwing a guy at the basketball hoop instead of an actual basketball. There is also a gang fight that seems a bit more violent than the one in Fresh Prince. Check out the video, compare the two versions and let us know what you think.

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