Google: Introducing Project Sunroof

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  • Anyone else notice the place maker locations for Google's new 'Sunroof' project? Seems like Phoenix would be a no-brainer
  • For those of you working on net-zero projects, solar will likely be getting easier to integrate in the near future
  • Introducing Project Sunroof (helps you evaluate the solar panel potential of your home in select cities)
  • Google project sunroof. It looks like Google is going to help you get solar panels on the roof
  • Introducing Project Sunroof | New tool for planning?
  • Introducing Project Sunroof (Fresno mentioned)
  • Introducing Project Sunroof - its pretty gnar
  • [Tech] Google's project Sunroof [video]
  • Google: Introducing Project Sunroof
  • S is for Project Sunroof
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    Tommie Lockman
    If anyone wants to know if solar panels are worth it in Toronto, here's my setup: They get covered in snow for a few weeks in the winter, but they still make $200/mo in the winter, $600/mo in the summer, thereabouts. Having one of the highest feed in tariff rates in the world at 55c/kWh guaranteed for 20 years helps too, would have been 80c/kWh if we were a few years earlier to the party. System pays for itself in about 6 years from now. Then the house starts to generate a profit from existing. Only downside is that no, we can't use the solar panels in a blackout. You have two choices - you can either completely disconnect from the grid and rely on nothing but solar panels and batteries for power, or you can be completely tied to the grid and use your solar panels for nothing but generating money. *Technically* your devices are still powered by the solar panels during the day because the electrons are taking the shortest path, but you don't get to flip back and forth between 100% solar and 100% grid. The reason for this is that there is no certified relay system on the market that can detect when there is a grid blackout and switch the solar panels from grid feed-in to house feed-in. And they sure as hell can't have people's solar panels feeding electricity to the grid during a blackout, because that would electrocute line servicemen. So you just have to use the approved relay that detects when there's a blackout and shuts the solar panels off *completely.*