Girlfriends Describe Their Partner’s Penis To A Police Sketch Artist

source: youtube

There are many different things couples do to show their love and trust in a relationship. Maybe you let her choose the restaurant for tonight, maybe you’ve gone on a trip abroad together, or maybe you’ve finally introduced him to your parents. There are many things you would do for your better half, but would you trust them about describing your penis to a stranger while you’re sitting right next to her?

In the video, done by Distractify, a group of women describe their men’s penises to a police sketch artist and test out what happens — because, why not? And as you’d expect, it’s as awkward as you think it’ll be. The result is one hilarious eye opener — disagreements on length, girth and even the look of their balls are common among couples. We see women describing their men’s penises in fruits (like a GMO banana), one girl insisting ‘it’s okay baby, it is like that’ and another said ‘you’re still marrying me, right?’

Still, all the penis sketches came out pretty nicely — maybe the girls were just stroking their egos, or we just had a lucky group. Check the video out down below and if you enjoyed it, don’t forget to share to your friends.

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