This is a news story that is worthy of being adapted into a full fledged film. Petra Pazsitka, a woman from the northern German city of Braunshweig, went missing nearly 31 years ago. Nearly three years after Petra went missing, a man named Gunter K confessed to her murder after being arrested for the murder of a 19 year-old girl. The case was closed at that point and the search for Petra was called off. Now, more than three decades after her disappearance, Petra has now been found, and it turns out that she planned her own disappearance all along.

Even the way Petra was found after all this time fits the needs of a classic film. She was caught only two weeks ago in Dusseldorf when Police were investigating a burglary in the building she was residing in. The Police nabbed her for using a fake name and faulty residence proof, which is when she decided to confess to being the missing girl from Braunshweig many years ago, using an old identity card to make her case.

She is now 55 years old and has managed to live in many German cities over the past three decades without a social security card, drivers’ license, passport or bank account. She told the police that she did not want to contact her family or come into the public’s eye, while also refusing to comment on the reasons she planned her own disappearance all those years ago.

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