People have “gone green” in different ways — though some take the phrase literally and make a hobby out of gardening. Most are content with the fruits and vegetables that they harvest, but some people end up with real surprises. Case in point: one man may have grown the world’s largest cucumber to date — and it pretty much happened by accident.

Daniel Tomelin, a gardener in British Columbia, found one of his cucumbers had grown longer than the rest. After that, he let nature run its course; currently, it measures in at a whopping 44.5 inches — nearly four feet, and taller than plenty of children. Following a bit of research, Tomelin discovered that his voluminous vegetable may well qualify for a Guinness World Record; it may take several weeks to process the official report, but the cucumber has since made a good case for itself.

It’s worth noting that Tomelin is no greenhorn. He’s been at it for more than thirty years, and makes use of deep-mulch gardening as well as avoids weeding. It may not be enough for him to grow a garden of giant vegetables, but the fact that he managed to grow even one is still praiseworthy.