Four Western tourists are facing up to three months within a Malaysian prison for taking nude photographs on a “sacred” mountain. Local tribes believe this act has angered the spirits within the area, causing a deadly earthquake to occur.

Two Canadians, a British woman, and a Dutch national appeared in court early last week on charges of indecent exposure, according to NBC News. Should the four tourists be convicted, they each face a prison sentence of up to three months and a fine to pay off for their act.

The young British woman was identified as Eleanor Hawkins, a 23-year-old graduate from Derby. Speaking with NBC, Tim Hawkins, Eleanor’s father, said his daughter was “obviously quite scared and upset.” He added: “She knows what she did was stupid and disrespectful and she is very sorry for the offence she has caused the Malaysian people. She has never been in any sort of trouble before.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs within Canada has said they are well aware of the criminal reports of two of their nationals. They declined to speak on the topic, however.

The four have been accused of taking nude photographs of themselves last month on Mount Kinabalu, one of the largest mountains within Southeast Asia – standing at 13,500 feet tall. The pictures were spread across social media, which angered Malaysians even worse. An earthquake hit shortly after, killing 18 people and trapped over 100 climbers. The tourists are blamed for the natural disaster.