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Fortunate timing on Arteezys donation message

source: youtube

  • Twitch donator has a message that's just 1s and 0s over and over. Streamer asks after awhile how long it goes on for, gets a surprise
  • Fortunate timing on Arteezys donation message
  • Decent timing in text to speech donation
  • Meanwhile on the bottomlulz livestream
  • This vid makes me laugh every time
  • Text to Speech has perfect timing
  • Perfect Donation Message [Haiku]
  • [Poetry] Text-to-speech timing
  • [Poetry]Fuck yourself
  • ULU
  • ...
    Kelton Halvorson
    Spammers dream right there
  • ...
    Amalia Sauer
    Plot twist: Arteezy's text to speech has actually become sentient and reached its only natural conclusion.