for the love of all fighter jets and for science!

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  • Question for the r/UFOs community: Why don't UFOs produce the typical sonic boom and condensation patterns that we see with man-made supersonic aircraft, like what is shown in this video?
  • Well this was right up my alley...the science of airplanes and sound. Really fucking awesome...the thing at the end...I don't have words for
  • This was completely unique for me, can't believe I've never seen this type of shockwave before
  • How shockwaves are formed, with some great close-up examples of shockwaves and sonic booms
  • I farted and wondered, "what else could make the sky ripple?" Then I found this! ... nneat
  • The Sonic Boom, a short and really interesting account of what happens after 768 MPH
  • what breaking the sound barrier in a super sonic jet looks/sounds like
  • Crazy Video Of Atlas Rocket Breaking The Sound Barrier [Skip To 2:25]
  • Atlas V rocket breaks sonic barrier - creates crazy ripple effect
  • X-Post from I posted the goose bump inducing part of the video
  • The sound and effects an American jet makes when it climaxes
  • A crash course on sonic booms. The last clip is awesome
  • for the love of all fighter jets and for science!
  • Rocket going supersonic, leaves shock-wave behind
  • What supersonic flight and sonic booms looks like
  • This video explaining supersonic booms & visuals
  • Awesome video showing and explaining Sonic Booms
  • Rocket flight with sonic boom sound waves
  • TIL that the SR-71 can bend light waves
  • Supersonic Flight, Sonic Booms (video)
  • Sick real-life example of shock-wave
  • Rocket launch destroys a Sundog
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    Bria Kohler
    That's gotta be the single greatest payoff for watching an entire video to the end I've ever seen. That final thing at 2:32 and 2:50 are just... holy shit. I've never seen anything like it before. Thank you for posting this.