Floating Lantern Festival In Colorado Backed By An Inspirational Quote From Robin Williams

source: youtube

While we can still hear Robin Williams’ voice thanks to talented impression artists, it is still more amazing — and tear-jerking — to hear it from himself.

Williams inspired us in many ways whilst alive, from both his personal deeds and through the roles he played. Even now that he is gone, he continues to be an inspiration. Film maker Devin Graham reminds us of William’s legacy in his video of the Floating Lantern Fest in Colorado. The video shows the people gathered at the event having fun, lighting the lanterns, and letting them float while Williams’ voice saying his lines from the movie Dead Poets Society plays in the background. The quote, one of the famous lines from the movie, talks about the beauty of human life and dares people to make it meaningful.

  • Tangled in Real Life - Lantern Fest in 4K by Devinsupertramp (with voiceover from Robin Williams)
  • Lantern fest, poetry. Voiced by Robin Williams
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