A mysterious flesh eating disease is currently plaguing a couple of victims in Vietnam. One known victim, Huynh Van Dat, is suffering from said unknown disease, which has completely eaten away the front of his face. Doctors in the area have no idea what is happening or what is causing this massive facial damage.

Medics within Saigon have all agreed to help the man, who has lost the roof of his mouth, his nose, and both of his eyes already. This condition first appeared on the Vietnamese man’s face back in 2004, where he simply had nose bleeds three to four times per day. Doctors thought it was nothing more than a problem with his nose bridge. Since then, he has had surgery twice, but it has not helped at all.

Van Dat’s wife said: “He was taking traditional medicines but they didn’t make any difference, and then he also started to have problems with his eyes which were constantly watering.”

Van Dat is now unable to speak or eat, and he cannot see whatsoever, but his mind still works perfectly and he is aware of everything happening around him.

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