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  • i animated a video of john singing a while back and thought it might be relevant to post it now (OC dont steal)
  • Music video featuring multiple artists' take on the same subject. Interesting to see the different styles
  • Daniel Tan "CoxNCrendor Animator" was a guest animator on JonTron's Firework Full Cover
  • Happy Fourth of July America! - FIREWORK FULL COVER (JONTRON OFFICIAL)
  • Artist FluttershyTheKind did the opening for the new JonTron video
  • JonTron sings Katy Perry's Firework, ND the animation is amazing
  • I dedicate this song to /u/warnzzz, because baby yore a firework
  • Ethan makes an animated appearance in Jontron's Firework cover
  • Ethan cameos in this Jontron animated music video
  • Jontron - Firework (Cover, song starts at 0:30)
  • Katy Perry - Firework (Animated JonTron Cover)
  • Ethan shows up in Jontron's "Firework" video!
  • JonTron covers Katy Perry's Firework
  • [Music] Jontron's Cover of Firework
  • Firework (please listen to this :3)
  • Jontron - Firework (cover) [Pop]
  • JonTron's Firework, now in full!
  • Happy day, 'muricans!
  • JonTron - Firework
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  • firework full cover