Fedoras Are Awesome

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  • For those who missed our last MSF meetup, we improvised this theme song for the sub on the spot!
  • This video will surely appeal to those who appreciate the superior classiness that is a fedora
  • Truly our generation's 'Pale Blue Dot'. Faith in humanity = restored, everytime I watch it
  • If this posts reaches the front page, Mods will give you everyone a free fedora
  • yo my fellow #swaggerz check dis awzuuum vid out its da best shiz ev yo
  • Two gentlesirs and their entourage of gorgeous m'ladies perform a song
  • This is probably the most cancerous thing to be posted to this sub
  • What those girls saw when they hung out with us tonight at Kieth's
  • Apparently Fedoras Are Awesome - Whole Thing Is Cringetastical
  • only bronies will get this ONE SIMPLE TRICK to clean skin!
  • Just found this hidden gem. DAE think fedoras are awesome?
  • Fedoras Are Awesome (Cringiest part starts at 0:45)
  • Here's an a capella... song(?) about fedoras - ugh
  • A repost, but an absolute classic piece of cringe
  • MRW I'm in the presence of 2,5 lovely m'ladies
  • Please Rise For The Neckbeard National Anthem
  • A group of annoying people sing about fedoras
  • Fellow redditarmie members meet in real life
  • Have you guys heard? Fedoras are awesome
  • In case you forgot: Fedoras are awesome
  • Just saw this video; funny AND epic!
  • Burns and his friends just chillin'
  • Rare footage of bj meetup found XD
  • [FEDORA] Fedoras Are Awesome
  • This just makes me cringe
  • Basically most of Reddit
  • A music for m'lady
  • No, no they aren't
  • M'Youtube channel
  • Reddit: The Movie
  • Check your #swag
  • The Intro By XX
  • So brave!
  • Nice Meme
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    Harold Stoltenberg
    There will never, ever be anything posted in this sub that will top this. I can't imagine anything harder to watch, in the realm of cringe stuff anyway.
  • fedoras are awesome