It’s a natural instinct for parents to want to protect their kids. Unfortunately, that instinct may go a bit overboard at times, risking more potential harm than good. Case in point: a father made his daughter to wear a shirt that has a picture of himself printed on its front, where he is baring his hulk-like muscles and intimidating tattoos, and then he sent her off to have a memorable and fun-filled day at school.

In the photo above, the young lady doesn’t seem to share her father’s sense of humor, and rightfully so. The shirt will likely be more successful than the father originally envisioned: she’ll be remembered through junior high and high school as the girl with the freakish dad. When it’s time to find a date for prom, its likely all the boys will first ask her if she’s going to wear that old shirt with the tattooed behemoth before they consider her as a date.

If this is a practical joke on the father’s part, it errs on the side of poor taste. If it isn’t a joke, and the father is actually seeking to ward off all the romantic advances of teenage boys, he should have thought twice before making her wear this shirt. At some point, parents have to let their kids make their own decisions and mistakes.

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