A Pakistani man was taken into custody after reporting his daughter missing. Police arrested Muhammad Khalid on murder charges for brutally killing his 12-year-old daughter because she baked the bread that was not very round.

Aniqa Khalid was murdered and the body was dumped in a field. After two days, Khalid informed cops that his young daughter was missing. Muhammad Javed, a police officer, said that cops discovered the body of Aniqa with evidence of violence on it.

Javed said that after an inquiry, cops took Khalid into custody and he confessed to the murder. He further said that Khalid’s son has also been taken into custody for assisting his dad in the crime. The father told police that he was angry because the bread his daughter made was not perfectly round as he loved, and apparently it was burned, too. Muhammad Khalid is now facing murder charges.

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