Facebook in Real Life

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  • What's on your mind?: Facebook can be depressing because everyone else's lives are better than yours... But are they really?
  • Narcissistic, Facebook fakers! Your lives aren't any more interesting than mine are they? This video is the truth
  • What's on your mind? -- Short film my buddy made regarding social status, media and an inversive relationship
  • If you have facebook, then you can relate to this film. And it's sad that you can
  • A good video depicting the facade of facebook status updates
  • Everyone is so fake on facebook, like open your eyes
  • I love facebook so much I made a movie about it
  • This is the same mindset that keeps you fapping
  • This is spot on..i hate these facebook people!!
  • What's on your mind? - Sharing & Caring on FB
  • The real story behind peoples Facebook posts
  • Loved the cinematography in this video!
  • What's on your mind? - The Facebook Lie
  • What's on your mind? (Facebook IRL)
  • "Yep, that's facebok."
  • Facebook in Real Life
  • Facebook summed up
  • We all know this
  • me irl
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