Exes Play A Hilarious Round Drink Or Dare

source: youtube

Cut Video, a YouTube channel known for their original and funny videos, released another episode of their hilarious “Truth or Drink” series. In this series, they ask couples, parents or exes questions which they can either choose to answer, complete a dare or take a shot if they don’t want to answer. Sitting face to face at a table, couples are faced with questions that go from a simple “What did your friends and parents think of me?” to quite daring “Do I ever pop into your head when you masturbate?”

The video features a variety of different couples, some who are buddies and still hang out, some who left on good terms and there are also those who accuse of their other half being a jerk at the end of their relationship. In the duration of the video, only a few times do the couples actually take a shot rather than answering the uncomfortable questions — except for when the question actually orders them to take a body shot off of each other, which ends up in drinks spilled and laughs shared, mostly.

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