Evolve hype to dead playerbase

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  • With the playerbase reducing, could For Honor be falling prey to the same problems that EVOLVE saw a few years ago? I hope not. Here is a short video showing the journey from hype to dead playerbase. (not my video)
  • How media and PR hyped what quickly became a dead game "Evolve:: Hype to dead playerbase" -
  • While not a MMORPG, its directly relevant to the current situation we live in
  • Sad to see one of the most hyped games at launch die so quickly :'(
  • That's why you shouldn't fall into hype
  • [Ethics] Buy Evolve because we said so
  • Can you find the hidden Elyse?
  • Buy It Because We Said So
  • A guy with huge nostrils
  • Accurate Evolve Review
  • the sfv effect
  • Evolve 4Head
  • lmao
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    Addison Mraz
    That guy at the end has a massive nostril.
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    Brennon Collins
    Illustrates just how important marketing is in the business world. They made a lot of money and that's their singular goal.
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    Weldon Nader
    I was really excited for this game. But when you release a game with bad matchmaking, you take upwards of two months to release fixes, and the game isn't balanced you can't expect to keep me around. The game was great in theory but constant price gouging for a broken game will drive anyone away.
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