Everything Thats Wrong With Youtube (Part2/2) - The Community Guidelines - GradeAUnderA

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  • Everything Thats Wrong With Youtube - The Community Guidelines - GradeAUnderA, Another big youtuber makes a great video explaining shit that is wrong with youtube. Creates #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain
  • Inspired by Joe Rogan, YouTube Creator GradeA takes Youtube to task about their wretched ContentID program and Guideline violators
  • Everything Thats Wrong With Youtube (Part2/2) - The Community Guidelines - GradeAUnderA
  • GradeAUnderA evokes the community to speak to YT's CEO: Susan Wojcicki
  • Everything Thats Wrong With Youtube part 2-GradeAUnderA
  • Man with weird accent vows to #MakeYoutugeGreatAgain
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    Angel Ruecker
    > Where's my death threat you bastard... That was the funniest thing I have heard in a while
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    Myrtice Jacobs
    That whole vegan Gaines bit had me in a nervous laughter.
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    Annetta Doyle
    What I find mental is the ability for people to shut down your revenue completely with false claims. I made one video game let's play about 5 years ago and in the first month I had earned $18 on each of the 15 videos. I thought, damn that's pretty good paid off the cost of the game. That was at 10,000 hits. Well since then I haven't made a dime off of these videos. They are now in the 50,000 hits marker and not one penny has been paid my way for those views for my content. One or more "AdRev for 3rd Party" would claim the content in my video. It was all bullshit, they didn't own any of this stuff. And I'd fight it and they just wouldn't respond. After 30 days Youtube would release the claim because they didn't respond to it. But during that 30 days the video made no income. Today it's worse. Now instead of one company non stop submitting auto claims and not responding to them there are multiple ones and while their claim is in effect they earn all the money for it. I mean one day I posted a Canadian politician named Jack Layton at a 911 conspiracy theory convention and they tagged it as being Little Britain. It's fucking maddening.
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