Everyone Should Be Masturdating And This Video Tells You Why

source: youtube

You may be shocked when you look at the title of this article and you may be even more shocked by the title of the video that this article is promoting. You’ll be even more shocked, though, when you actually watch the video, and when you re-read what is written on the titles and find out that it says masturDATE not masturbate! It’s rated PG, you won’t find any sex, any nudity or any masturbating in this video. Instead you’ll find something that is empowering and will hopefully help people work to care for themselves more and enjoy their “me” time more.

You are the master of your body, your mind, and your life, so take some time to do something for yourself, whether you go out and have some fun or stay in and just do something silly. It’s all about you and your happiness!

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